Tiverton Canal Centre

  • Engraved signage
  • Visitor centre
  • Visitor centre
  • Touchscreen
  • Non digital board game
  • Non digital board game
  • Non-digital interactive: Large-format rolling three-part puzzle
  • Non digital board flipbook
  • Non digital board flipbook
  • Non-digital interactive: 'What the Butler Saw' handle-turn flipbook viewer
Devon County Council
Grand Western Canal, Tiverton
Complete visitor centre installation, including 10m of curved interpretation wall panels, design and production of four low-tech interactives - rotating puzzles, 'what the butler saw' viewing consoles, a large-format board game mounted on a horse-drawn flatbed trailer - as well as life-size model animals. A large body of multimedia resources were curated to a form the basis of a touchscreen interactive, which included puzzle games, wildlife profiles and video, an image gallery and an interactive map . This map incorporated 360° 3D panoramas from the entire 10 mile length of the canal.
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